It’s Self-care week. How’s your self care going?

Published – LinkedIn 19th November 2015

Self care is the opportunity we all have to improve our health and wellbeing. I haven’t met anyone recently who feels their work role is easier than it was a few years ago, so it appears the demands upon us are growing. Are you feeling the best you can? What are the barriers to you doing so?

The need to pay attention to the areas of work life balance we can influence remains important. Alongside this there is plenty of research to indicate the better our health and wellbeing, the more productive we are and the better satisfaction we give to our customers, whoever they may be.

Below is a simple questionnaire for you to complete and give yourself a score for your level of self care. It’s just a taster but it might help you start thinking about the attention you give to your sustainability. If you score 25 or more, you are doing a great job, anything below that level shows room for improvement. Use the questionnaire itself to give you some ideas of areas where you could make positive changes.

Beware the competitive people! The top score of 48 is not necessarily the best score. We need to live alongside others and consider their needs also…there’s a balance in all things. Good luck!

Write down the score (from the key below) that best matches how you feel about the 16 statements below. Then add up your score to give a final result.

= very like me
= like me
= unlike me
= very unlike me
1 I occasionally give myself something nice like a present or treat
2 I make time to do relaxing activities
3 I believe it is necessary to be selfish at times
4 I like it when others look after me when I am ill
5 I plan events in my life that I can look forward to, such as holidays or outings
6 Every day I make sure I have some time to do something pleasurable for myself
7 I make a point of looking after my appearance and health
8 I like it when someone gives me a present or compliments me on something I’ve done
9 I can praise myself if I think I have done a good job
10 I feel in control of my life, I do not simply live my life according to what other people want
11 I make a point of eating a healthy diet and I do not skip meals
12 I deliberately do exercise and keep myself physically fit
13 I deliberately make time to build friendships with people I like
14 I make time to take part in absorbing, meaningful hobbies and activities
15 Sometime I have to put my own needs first which means I may have to hurt others
16 I can say ‘no’ when other people make demands on me

 Reference: Powell, T (2000) The Mental Health Handbook. Speechmark Publication.