It’s time to start the discussion about mental health in the workplace.

2018’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week was certainly an important one: Mental health within the workplace.


Currently, it’s estimated stress and mental health problems cost the UK economy nearly £100 Billion per year, so breaking the stigma by being open to mental health and with a willingness to talk about it can certainly help.


Mental ill health unfortunately is not only a UK, but a worldwide issue. It impacts the economy each year through costs to employers (lower productivity, sickness absence, staff turnover), and to the government (health and welfare benefits, reduced tax revenue); where over the last year alone, 12.5 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. So, what do we need to do to help lower this figure and how can we help improve both our own and our employee’s well-being?


There are a number of small steps to help improve mental well-being at work, such as taking the time to reflect on what causes you the most stress within the workplace, and thereafter taking the steps to reduce or eradicate such situations from happening in the future.


Here at The Healthy Worker, we have worked hard to develop mental well-being management solutions for individuals of varying levels – from management teams to employees:


If you’re a business owner…

Our services can be more beneficial to your company than you realise, particularly as mental health issues are on the rise. Supporting individual staff members and providing an open space for them to review their situation and talk through our Personal & Health Coaching sessions can be vital for their well-being.

In the discussions, we will support your staff through the challenges they face or finding direction when the pathway isn’t clear. Personal coaching is extremely effective as it pinpoints the exact need and solution and can help your team members reflect on what causes their stress and the steps they can take to prevent negative feelings from taking over.


For management teams…

We run several courses for your management teams to participate in. Mental Health Awareness is of course a popular and important choice within management teams. To supplement this our ‘Healthy Worker Course’, provides as a multi-component health improvement programme – endorsed as best practice by the World Health Organisation. Multi-component programmes are useful as factors are often linked, such as mental wellbeing, smoking or alcohol use, or the effects of diet and exercise on our health.

The course boasts fabulous delegate feedback and a high-quality evaluation, in which it was found to reduce absence days by 41% and episodes of absence by 25%. In addition, improved physical activity levels, healthier diet, enhanced mood and openness to change at work were all reported positively, with lasting effect.


Or perhaps a colleague…

You may have noticed that a colleague has been quiet for the last few weeks and doesn’t seem themselves. It all starts with asking someone how they are doing in a warm and authentic way – giving them a chance to realise that you are being sincere and friendly. Perhaps invite them out for a coffee break or take them out for lunch, showing somebody that someone wants to listen can help prevent long-term damage.


Implementing workplace wellbeing can take time, whether it’s for your business, or the team you are responsible for. The end result however can mean a positive atmosphere, improved employee engagement, higher productivity levels and financial gain, which is good for you and your staff!


If you would like to know more about the services we provide here at The Healthy Worker, please feel free to get in touch on 01684 231461 or email