New Year’s Resolutions

The year will soon be drawing to a close, edging closer to that annual ‘New Year’s Resolution’ tradition.

Yet, did you know that out of the millions of New Year’s resolutions made, a massive 80% are broken within a matter of weeks.

The problem? We create unrealistic goals and ultimately set ourselves up for failure.

Here at The Healthy Worker, we like to approach the concept of New Year’s resolutions with positivity, creating ones that are good for our well-being which we can also follow through on.


But, Where to begin?

Start with simple but realistic goals or change one small thing at a time.

Making drastic life changes can be too hard to maintain and ultimately you may not even end up being better off.

It’s also best to plan what resolutions you want to make before the New Year arrives, so you can give yourself some relaxation room during the Christmas break!


Develop a support network

You don’t have to do it alone.

Friends, family and work colleagues can all help you. Take the time to discuss what changes you want to make and tell them how they can help.


Monitor your success throughout the year!

Stay motivated by measuring how far you’ve come each week.

This will help you realise how small changes can make a big difference, plus keep you on top of fulfilling your end goal.

Perhaps keep a diary or ask a friend to help you keep track of the changes you’ve made!


Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up

Learn from any of the setbacks you may make, they are part of the journey!

Perhaps reflect on what situation made you slip and an you avoid those next time?

It’s also important to ensure you don’t let setbacks affect your progress.


Most importantly – reward yourself!

Don’t be bogged down by the efforts of completing your resolutions and ensure you celebrate when you succeed with a treat, which doesn’t necessarily have to be the thing you’re trying to avoid.

Maybe a new top, that piece of cake for lunch or that holiday you’ve always wanted to take.


Making healthy changes to your lifestyle doesn’t have to be a drag, it can be very good for your mindset, diet, or bank account.


Either way, don’t be afraid to take the first few steps as by the time we reach 2020, you may feel better than ever.