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Healthy Worker Course

This is an essential course for all organisations wishing to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff, maintain their talented staff in good health, or positively reduce absence levels. It is a multi-component health improvement programme, which is endorsed as best practice by the World Health Organisation as it reflects the linked effect of, for example, diet and exercise on our health.

It is a proactive, rather than reactive, approach which empowers individuals to make beneficial health related changes. Contact is maintained with course delegates over 12 months, with the improvements and progress being testiment to how powerful it is when one’s own resources are fully harnessed.

The course has high quality evaluation, in which it was found to reduce absence days by 41% and episodes of absence by 25%. In addition self reported measures on impact on work, improved physical activity levels, healthier diet, more positive mood and openness to change at work were all reported positively, with lasting effect.  It  is an award winning course and has been well received by those attending, union representatives and managers.  The course provides a step change in the management of employee health and wellbeing and demonstrates a very attractive return on investment.

It is a win-win option for all organisations with staff benefitting by being inspired and assisted to make positive changes, and the company or organisation benefitting through improved productivity, engagement and reduced absence costs. There’s something for everyone in this course, we can all go to the next step!

For in-house delivery:

We can either work with you to deliver this course to a groups of up to 15 individuals on your site/s, or you can have your own staff trained to be able to deliver it. The choice is yours. Either way you’ll be delighted with the results, for both your employees and your business.

Please contact us if you wish to arrange a full trainers course for your company / organisation.

Next Trainers Course

Trainers Courses are a two days and are run in the historic city of Worcester.

Dates for 2018:

Please contact us with your requirements, and we will find the nearest, most convenient course for you.

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