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Stress Management Training

The 2016 CIPD Absence Management Survey found two-fifths of respondents reported stress-related absence to have increased over the past year. Yet nearly half of private sector organisations that rank stress among their top causes of absence are not taking any steps to address it.

Over 15 million working days are lost to stress, anxiety or depression each year.

The cost to the UK economy is £70 million

Depending on your requirements, we have a selection of clinically informed training modules available to ensure we are focusing on what really matters to you.

Workshops regularly provided include:

  1. Understanding HSE management standards and undertaking stress risk assessments.
  2. Recognising stress within yourself and others and how to proactively manage it.
  3. Building Resilience.
  4. Mental Health Awareness.

If stress related issues are a concern for you, come along to one of our workshops. They are friendly, engaging and informative. There is always an opportunity to get your questions answered as well as developing your understanding of the areas covered.

Workshop 1

Stress is a major contributor to absence within the workplace with approximately 1 in 3 of us experiencing it during our lives. Under the right circumstances it can happen to any one of us. The cost of absence and reduced productivity due to this condition can compromise business competitiveness.

  • Understanding stress – clarity of terms and the importance of this from a managerial perspective
  • The impact of stress on performance for managers and team members
  • Identifying stress in yourself and others
  • Improving resilience within yourself, others and your business
  • An introduction to Stress Management standards and how to use these within the workplace
  • Managing a return to work for a team member, following a stress related absence

Workshop Dates for 2018

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Workshop 2 We all experience stress within our lives, however there are times when any one of us may be more vulnerable.Stress can be due to our personal circumstances, our work, or a combination of both of these. Whatever the cause it can negatively impact our effectiveness and productivity at work. In order to be at our best and most productive we need to understand what stress is, where we are with it at present, and identify how to make positive changes.This workshop enables delegates to understand  stress triggers, identify early symptoms and have a range of means to reduce their impact, so that they can enjoy the benefit of improved wellbeing.

Workshop dates for 2018:

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Workshop 3

Improving our resilience means we can improve our response when faced with challenging times. This workshop is highly participatory and gives delegates the opportunity to improve their understanding of resilience. There are areas we can seek to change and areas we can’t. Understanding this means we can focus our attentions appropriately and proactively manage those areas we can influence.

Workshop Dates for 2018

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Workshop 4

Mental Health problems are increasingly common within the workplace. Being able to recognise this situation in the early stages can be beneficial to both an individual and the organisation.

However, it can feel challenging for Team Leaders or Managers to address concerns they have about one of their team and the opportunity is therefore lost. This workshop is aimed at providing Managers with the information and understanding of mental health problems, so they can have the confidence to be proactive in this sensitive area.

What will delegates learn?
  • An understanding of the range of mental health problems
  • The prevalence of this within the workplace
  • How to recognise early warning signs
  • How to take action in a proactive and constructive way
  • Being able to recognise why some conflicts may arise
  • How to support an individual with mental health problems
  • Principle for return to work after mental health related absence.

Workshop dates for 2018

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